Our senior staff during a conference call.

Feather Magazine is staffed by twenty-somethings who volunteer their time and creativity toward helping other twenty-somethings to live their best life. We don’t have an office yet, so our staff works from all over the world! So, if you’re studying abroad for the semester, you can still get magazine journalism experience with us!

We work akin to a printed magazine, turning in stories on a monthly schedule. This gives us time to edit stories properly and our writers don’t spend hours every week writing articles. Our main focus is for every writer to leave better than they arrived, and our current system has been proven to work. Previous interns have gone to work for Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, Seventeen, The Hollywood Reporter, Latina Magazine and countless other media companies.

If you’re interested in joining our team, please email your resume, three story clips and four story ideas twenty-something women would love to

All positions are currently unpaid.



Entertainment Writer

We are looking for a culture-obsessed journalist to join our team. The ideal candidate has a passion for the entire industry, but is especially interested in shows watched and loved by our readers from the current obsession with Game of Thrones to the nostalgic love for The O.C. You must have a strong, upbeat writing voice and a positive attitude. Entertainment writers pitch and turn in stories on television, film, books and celebrities.


Health Writer

We are looking for a health-savvy writer to join our team. The ideal candidate is up-to-date on the latest health and nutrition trends, has a love for fitness and can help our readers identify health issues they should be paying attention to. Our main goal is health—not telling our readers they should strive to obtain any goal size or weight—and we’d like someone who can help us in that mission. Health Writers turn in stories on nutrition, fitness, mental health and general health.


Trends Reporter

While most of our staff works on a monthly schedule, we need a few writers who are available during certain times of the day to write stories on any news stories that are capturing the public’s attention, including hard news, entertainment news and anything in between. This person will coordinate with the editor-in-chief on story ideas for the day, based on what’s making headlines. They would be responsible for a minimum of one story a day and a maximum of two. The ideal candidate will be able to produce a well-written story with a quick turnaround. A past internship with a daily newspaper, especially one associated with a college, is a plus.


Social Media Managers

We are looking for social media managers to run our social accounts. The ideal candidate will be passionate about social media practices and familiar with several different platforms. Social media managers will be given specific days to post on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr accounts. Since we’re online, this is our main means of reaching our audience. Instead of four story ideas and story clips, submit four ideas for how you would improve our social media.